Monday, July 16, 2007


Valerie Salmon

"He's got Game" by Donna Bryant Durand

"Reach High" by Wendy Sommers

"Bookworm" by Debbie Gaydos

"It's not how big you are..." by Marjolein Flick


  1. Awesome sketch!!! Love all the different interpretations, a shout out to my friend Wendy, love your layout girl!

  2. Love this sketch & all the great examples!

  3. your sketches are great! I'm so glad I found this blog!

    In an earlier entry you asked about rectangle scrappers -- I do both square and rectantle scrapping (one AND two pagers), so I would LOVE to see some rectangle sketches! :)

    keep the great sketches coming!!!


  4. I just discovered this fantastic sketch site with so many wonderful ideas. I was visiting another blog that had a sketch by Valerie and I had to google all a panic to find this!! Thank you so much, the art works are absolutely beautiful. I would LOVE to see double-page 12x12 sketches. This site is very inspirational!

  5. Ok, I just found your blog through Scrappin Trends. I can't believe how wonderful your sketches are. I've been searching trying to find some great sketches out there, and most other sites are so boring. But yours are totally my taste! Keep up the great work!
    Cheryl KVD

  6. Valerie I love your sketches. They are just the inspiration I need. I would love to show my interpretations.

    Kathy H. Brownsburg, IN

  7. Just found your site and I love your sketches. I look forward to trying a few soon.


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