Sunday, August 12, 2007


Valerie Salmon

"Remember" by Donna Espiritu

"Ahoy Captain" by Wendy McKee

"Deal!" by Sharyn Tormanen

"Surf" by Donna Bryant Durand

"OP Mallorca" by Marjolein Flick

Thanks for all the nice comments you have all been leaving here and the emails that you send. I am so glad that the sketches do inspire many of you. I really enjoy seeing your shared works based on these little digital drawings. Little did I know when I started my first sketch for fun months ago, that it would turn out into a regular thing -- one that most of you probably anticipate each week. With the help of the contributing designers, there is less pressure for me to whip up my own actual layouts (so I can strictly concentrate on the sketches). LOL.
Thanks, everyone!! :)
Designers who wish to contribute their work based on a future sketch, please email me with a link to your online gallery for consideration. 8.5x11 scrappers are most definitely welcome! Please have the word "Designer" in the subject line of your message. Thanks.


  1. You are easily one of the most talented sketch-artists out there. I love the detail that you add to your sketches and the designers that you have working with the sketches are fantastic! Always so much inspiration on your site...thank you! smiles...


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