Friday, August 20, 2010

Got Sketch | Ultimate School Album Class

NEW CLASS: Ultimate School Album (aka U.S.A.)
Got Sketch goes Back to School with the introduction of the "Ultimate School Album," a five-week workshop! It's the “ultimate” because it covers Pre-K through 12th grade with lots of extras that can't be passed up. That's fourteen double-page spreads, plus more!!

Hey Moms!
With the start of a new school year, what better time for us to get busy
working on a school album? Now that the kids are back to school, let's go back to school, too (back to 'scrappy' school, that is)! Join me as we get ahead of the class and complete our kids’ school albums now! Just add the photos, report cards, and other memorabilia later as each grade is completed! Let's do this together!

Automatically SAVE $2.00 OFF the class fee when registering by September 7, 11:59pm EST.

Click here for the GS|USA Information Page.

See you there!


  1. I am very interested in this class, however here in New Zealand we call each school year 'afternoon kindergarten', 'morning kindergarten', 'new entrants', 'year one', 'year two', 'year three' through to 'year 13'. Are the printables editable so I can change the text and the same question with words we spell differently eg favourite and colour?

  2. Hi Raewyn,
    The printables are not editable. Sorry.
    But you should be able to use most of the pdf's as is, except for the grade titles.
    You can also take the titles concept and do your own variation of the idea.
    Thanks for asking.


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