Monday, September 1, 2008


Sketch by Janna Wilson

Janna Wilson

AnnaMarie Mondro

Kimberly Garofolo

Lynn Ghahary

Anne-Marie Teo

Ronda Simpson

BTW, this sketch will be the last for a while.  Got Sketch 102 kicks off today!  We will be insanely busy.  But if you miss the sketches, you know where to find us.  :D
Have a great September!


  1. Love the sketch and the examples! Wow are really good at that! Can't wait to see what's up at your class.

  2. Hey Val & Janna ~ sweet layout...... these are 1st day of school... & the pics & papers were laying on my table.... then Janna gave us the tip in GS102..... and the rest is history....ha. Thanks for the great sketch!

  3. What a beautiful sketch! Love the samples, too! Must give this one a try.
    Good luck on your classes. I know you all will have fun.


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